Collaborative approaches: fantasy and reality, limits and opportunities

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Collaborative approaches are gaining ground and becoming increasingly common within the corporate world and in both public and member-based organisations.

Often driven by early adopters, collaborative approaches can be divisive, and their use in-house is often met with complications.

How can you remain realistic while moving forward pragmatically using these approaches?

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who wants to look into and/or help their teams learn more about the shift towards collaborative management.
  • Anyone who leads a team (hierarchical or cross-sector) and wants to develop collaboration.

What's it for ?

Why choose an interactive conference?

  • This conference is rooted in your reality: we share specific tips and tricks that you can easily put into practice.
  • It is a practical forum, with discussion sessions and hands-on co-creation sessions for participants to get to grips with concepts quickly.
  • A friendly, informal atmosphere for a positive group experience


Jean-Philippe Poupard

Professional facilitator

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