Facilitate your meetings

Harness collective intelligence within your teams

  • Duration
    1 day, classroom-based


Collaboration has become a new way of working for teams. But for a manager, what does collaborating with their team and the rest of the organisation actually mean?

This training session is set up like a facilitation session, where you will:

  • Discover what facilitation can bring to a team
  • Discuss the role of facilitator manager
  • Learn about a selection of technical facilitation principles
  • Find out what kind of attitude to adopt and when, and which tools to use

Who's it for?

  • ho’s it for?

    • Managers, team leaders and project managers *

    *Participant requirement: solid background in leading meetings.

    2020 prices

    1 day, for a maximum of 12 participants

    • Small business (-10 employees), self-employed: 350 excluding tax
    • SME (10 to 250 employees): 550 excluding tax
    • Company >250 employees: 850 excluding tax

    Want to sign up as an individual? Contact : contact@formapart.uk

    Want to organise a training session for a group of 8-12 people?
    contact@formapart.uk (quote upon request)

What's it for ?

The aim isn’t to turn you into professional facilitators, but to provide you with tools and tips so you can encourage your team(s) to work differently.

This one-day course will allow you to:

  • Facilitate your team’s daily interactions
  • Make collective reflection more effective
  • Integrate the benefits of the facilitator role into your management style
  • Understand simple facilitation techniques
  • Use leadership skills in meetings to positively manage disagreements within your meetings

Laurence Cillaire

Professional facilitator

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