Facilitation to promote change within your organisation

How do you engage and empower all those involved in your organisation’s transformation? Have the confidence to help your team and company take on the challenge of transformation!

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    A place near you

    At your workplace

  • Duration
    1 to 3 hours depending on the quantity and quality of interactive sessions required

  • Price
    Varies according to conditions & requirements

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Faced with the challenge of transformation, no one can hope to mobilise their teams effectively without providing a forum for sharing ideas and co-creation. This is precisely the role of the facilitator.

But what do they do exactly? When do they get involved? What are the first steps for success?

How do you integrate this kind of role into the management of a transformation project?

When should you favour an external facilitator over an internal facilitator? How can you combine their strengths?

This conference aims to answer these questions and any others put forward on the topic of facilitation within transformation processes.

“You don’t get lasting transformation without daily facilitation”

Who's it for?

Trainers, coaches and internal consultants, as well as teams from departments in charge of transformation, innovation and HR.

What's it for ?

The role of facilitator is becoming commonplace in a growing number of organisations.

This conference uses examples and short practical sessions to give you a clear understanding of this role’s added value in transformation processes.

It gives you the chance to step back and collectively reflect on your own transformation processes, both now and in the future.

Jean-Philippe Poupard

Professional facilitator

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