Facilitator: new “bullshit job” or key role in the transformation of organisations?

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Manager, project manager, coordinator? Different titles and different roles, but first and foremost they are about facilitating the work of others, a vital component as organisations get more and more complex.

This is the reason why these self-proclaimed guides are springing up just about everywhere: facilitators. Who are they exactly? What’s their role? What qualities do they possess? Their training? Motivation? And above all else, what value do they add to organisations?

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who wants to look into and/or help their teams learn more about the shift towards collaborative management.
  • Anyone who leads a team (hierarchical or cross-sector) and wants to develop collaboration.

What's it for ?

Why choose an interactive conference?

  • This conference is rooted in your reality: we share specific tips and tricks that you can easily put into practice.
  • It is a practical forum, with discussion sessions and hands-on co-creation sessions for participants to get to grips with concepts quickly.
  • A friendly, informal atmosphere for a positive group experience


Jean-Philippe Poupard

Professional facilitator

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