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Get stuck in and give it a go!

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You can speed up a group’s creativity and drive synergies and results through visual thinking, drawing and graphic facilitation.

Grab a pen and come and discover this powerful tool!

During this 3-day course, you will get to grips with various small and large-format media and have the chance to refine your own style, giving you the tools to get stuck in and give it a go yourself!

Each participant will receive a customisable drawing book to produce their own individual roadmap and a graphic facilitation kit including professional Neuland pens.

Who's it for?

This seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to discover the world of visual facilitation to support their own collective intelligence processes, no matter the level of their drawing skills.

The only participant requirement: to have once been a three-year-old!

What's it for ?

Our aim is to provide you with basic skills to be able to organise, implement and keep track of a collective creation process in a way that is easy to follow, in a friendly, high-impact environment.

During this course, you will:

  • Learn the basics of graphic vocabulary
  • Develop your visual thinking and broaden your vocabulary
  • Understand the benefits of visual facilitation at each design stage in a collaborative workshop
  • Experiment with small and large-scale formats
  • Gain confidence

Catherine TANITTE

Creative, narrative and visual facilitation & training


Creative & Graphic Facilitator

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