Working together differently – it really is possible!

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    1 to 3 hours depending on the quantity and quality of interactive sessions required

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The managerial rhetoric is clear: we need to be more agile, more autonomous, more innovative, and to do this, we need to work better together, collaborate better.

Cultural change is essential but, in reality, it always takes longer than we would like.

Yet there is a coherent strategy with this objective in mind, which is proving effective within a number of large French organisations: stimulating cultural change with the assistance of a community of in-house facilitators. How does this work exactly? What does it involve? How many people are involved, for how long and what actions do they take?

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who wants to look into and/or help their teams learn more about the shift towards collaborative management.
  • Anyone who leads a team (hierarchical or cross-sector) and wants to develop collaboration.

What's it for ?

Why choose an interactive conference?

  • This conference is rooted in your reality: we share specific tips and tricks that you can easily put into practice.
  • It is a practical forum, with discussion sessions and hands-on co-creation sessions for participants to get to grips with concepts quickly.
  • A friendly, informal atmosphere for a positive group experience


Jean-Philippe Poupard

Facilitateur professionnel

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