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14 September 2020

Our interactive conferences London

Facilitation and the role of the facilitator

Duration: 3 consecutive days

Question: How can individual commitment and collective performance be encouraged in professional projects?

Answer: facilitate meetings rather than just lead them.

Facilitation involves creating the conditions needed to make best use of a group’s collective intelligence, and to drive the group towards an effective and lasting objective.

Come along to this training and give the role of facilitator a go! Learn to:

Prepare an intervention plan
Create and facilitate collaborative processes
Leverage and channel a group’s energy and skills

Who's it for?
Anyone who wants to take on a facilitator role as part of their profession.Project managersHeads of a cross-divisional area (innovation, quality, organisation, communication, CSR, etc.)Trainers, consultants, coachesAnyone who works to support change within organisations and wants to find different ways to work collectively

What's it for ?
This course provides you with the basic skills needed for our advanced modules and allows you to :

Understand the basics of the facilitator role
Learn about theoretical and practical methods of facilitating collaboration
Experiment and put theory into practice in a safe, welcoming and fun environment
Experience a team dynamic over 3 days and train with your peers
You will be provided with learning materials including the theory covered over the 3 days together with turnkey methods.

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