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Working with you
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to build a compelling future!

Formapart – a sense of realisation and a goal

In a globalised world, everything is becoming faster and more complex. Our natural and human resources are being stretched further than ever. More than ever, we need to work together in a measured and productive way to build our shared future together.

Since 2009, our activities have been centred around the belief that facilitators are essential in promoting collaboration to achieve the far-reaching changes needed.

Our primary goal is to share facilitation practices with the widest possible audience, helping to address the many challenges faced by organisations and, more widely, humanity as a whole. 

Why facilitation?

In a highly complex environment where there is a constant need to adapt, we see facilitation as a particularly smart and insightful way to contribute to positive change.

Facilitation (re)creates connections within organisations, gives (new) meaning to our responsibilities and (re)connects everyone with their desire to move forward. 

We advocate facilitation because promoting collective intelligence while harnessing the creativity and power of freedom of speech allows organisations to recognise and value each person as a unique individual. And giving people the freedom to think and express themselves is what makes an organisation unique above all else.

Our mission

Our ambition is to raise awareness of facilitation, provide facilitation support, and train your teams so you can facilitate your own processes.

Our mission puts this ambition in perspective: working with you and your team to build a compelling future. 

Where there is co-creation, there’s ownership and meaning!

Where there is meaning, there’s commitment!

Where there is commitment, there’s mobilisation!

Where there is mobilisation, there’s transformation!

Where there is transformation, there’s the achievement of objectives!

Our values

Passion: it’s all or nothing

We put our heart and soul into facilitation. We like encouraging groups to get things moving, and helping all our clients address their challenges gives us a real buzz.

Having an impact gives us wings

We’re not interested in collaborative meetings with no impact. The very essence of facilitation is enabling a group to achieve lasting and engaging results, so we ensure each stage has meaning and produces a result.

Co-creation is key

A key to our success is making sure you are involved in each stage, since everything we do aims to maximise both effectiveness and participation.

There’s beauty in simplicity

Facilitators play an unassuming role, so we prefer to keep things simple,  and relevant of our actions rather than producing an all-singing, all-dancing performance.

Reliability and quality go hand in hand

Just as facilitation creates sustainable solutions building on the strength of a group, one of our priorities is building high-quality relationships, between us and with you.


Key dates

  • 2009

    Creation of Formapart

    1st consultancy in France specialising in facilitation

  • 2011

    1st training session held in France on the role of facilitators

  • 2012

    Co-creation of the French branch

    of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

  • 2015

    1st training programme

    (18 days) in France on the facilitator profession

  • 2017

    1st facilitation distance-learning programme

  • 2018

    1st French-language book published on the facilitator profession

    “Devenir Facilitateur” (Becoming a Facilitator) by Jean-Philippe Poupard

    Expand Launch of the international

  • 2019

    10 years later



We’re all facilitators! We each have our own areas of expertise, yet we all share the same values and the same passion for facilitation.


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Facilitation and participatory approach


Our partners in the world

Simon Wilson

Wilson Sherriff Tel:  (+44) 07768 444616


Our ecosystem

Formapart’s mission is to raise awareness of facilitation, which would be impossible without its collaboration with the International Association of Facilitators. The IAF has laid the foundations for the profession and brings together an international community of practitioners from a range of backgrounds, which is why we are actively involved in the organisation.

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